Finding the right employees, is never an easy task.

The market is often flooded with people looking for employment, but do they have what your company need? We assist with every aspect of the recruitment drive, including shortlist pre-selections and interviewing, to find the right placement for the advertised position.

We also assist foreign companies, who are not currently based in China, to establish a base here by helping to find the right team, assisting with company registration, getting the right licenses and documents etc.

  • Lead generation
  • Recruiting and attracting top candidates
  • Interview and Assessment

We have a large, growing Talent Pool of highly motivated, qualified, and talented candidates, and our Recruitment Specialist / Headhunters, and always working on finding the best talent.


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We have already assisted a large number of companies to find talent and we have also assisted hundreds of individual candidates, from ESL Teachers to Engineers, to find jobs. We can assist you too.

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